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Tafel Regulations

only the TüTa Card is accepted for shopping in the Tafel within the corect time window accoring to the number on the TüTa Card

During registration a new customer has to present his ID and all Kreis-Bonus Cards of his family.

This customer receives a number which defines the day of possible purchasing (days have specific colour) and a time slot (this varies from week to week)

  • number 1000 - 1200 Tuesday in black
  • number 2000 - 2200 Wednesday in red
  • number 3000 - 3200 Thusrday in green
  • number 4000 - 4200 Friday in blue


the time slot varies from week to week according to a rotating schedule which give sthe customer the chance to be in the first time slot over the months

You find this time schedules till Christmas for


You use your number at the specific day (colour) and follow the line to the specific week to find your time slot


In case you are late more than 15 minutes than you have a chance to served only at the end of the dayly selling period

New Customers

New customers are accepted each Thusday

at the rooms of Tübinger Tafel in Katharinenstr. 29

between 10:00 and 11:30


  • valid KreisBonusCards of all members of household
  • valid ID-cards of all members of household



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Rufen Sie einfach an unter

+49 7071 94 06 94


Di. 15:00 bis 17:40 Uhr

Mi. 17:00 bis 19:10 Uhr

Do. 15:00 bis 17:40 Uhr

Fr. 15:00 bis 17:40 Uhr


für Neuanmeldungen und Fragen ist das Büro

Donnerstag 10 - 11:30 Uhr


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